Stone Tattoo Digits Individual Letters or Numbers 3/8" Metal Base : Letter H

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These Stone 3/8" Tattoo digits are individual Alphabet letters metal alloy base. They are sized to fit the 'Stone' tattoo.Digits. Choose the number or letter in the 'drop box' next to 'Type'. Stone# 4508

Alphabet A to Z and number sets 0-9 are also available (sold separate), see 'Related products'.

These 3/8" digits can be used with any 3/8" Stone plier. All digits are also available in a less expensive fiberglass reinforced nylon base rather than the metal. 3/8" are generally used on cattle.

Proper identification at birth and legible tattoos are essential to maintaining accurate parentage and production records in herds. Tattooing can be done any time, although it’s best done when the animals are young. The tattoo will grow as the animal gets older, making it easier to read. Success starts with having the proper tattooing equipment.