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 Steuart's Udder White Rub reduces udder edema. Udder White Rub contains Arnica 1X, tea tree oil, menthol, corn mint and oregano oil in a natural liposome base that penetrates the skin very rapidly.

Udder White Rub is acceptable for certified organic dairies; it contains no drugs or steroids. No residues/no milk withholding.

Directions: Massage into the affected quarter(s) after each milking. Apply modest amounts. If the cream is visible on the skin surface after being massaged in, too much has been applied.


Ingredients: DI Water, Comfrey Extract, Arnica Extract, Milk Isolates, Glycerine, Carbopol, Safflower Oil, Olive Oil, Oregano Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Corn Mint Oil, Polysorbate 20, Cetyl Alcohol, Germaben II-E, Triethanolamine.