Stearts Teat-Heal : 22oz



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Teat Heal is a lotion containing Comfrey extract and Propolis tincture, which soothes and promotes healing of chapped or damaged teats and wounds. Propolis is a natural antiseptic and healing agent. Teat Heal clings to the teat surface forming a good barrier, yet it washes off easily prior to the next milking. It is very stable when used under a bandage. Dairymen will notice a healing response when using this product.

  Suggested Uses: Chapped or damaged teats, teat warts, udder rot, mamalitis lesions, and wounds. Also small animal applications, torn pads, minor wounds, and skin infections. Directions: Apply to affected area after each milking. When treating Udder Rot, clean the affected area and apply an even layer to the lesion after each milking. Teats warts will disappear after 2 to 4 weeks of continuous use. When used under a bandage change at least every 4 days Caution! For external veterinary use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of children's reach.

 Propolis extract 2.8%, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Butter, Bees Wax, Lanolin, Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil), Milk Isolates, Propylene Glycol, Salix Alba (White Tree Bark), Shea Butter, Symphytum Extract, Vegetable Oil, Vitamin C, Witch Hazel. Contains no antibiotics or steroids.