Happy Hen Spiral Leg Bands Assorted Colors 24ct : Size 11

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Happy Hen Spiral Leg Bands are an essential tool for keeping track of your birds and developing an organized recordkeeping system. This is essentially important if you are breeding your birds and keeping track of lines within your flock.  You know your flock, but a little color coordinating goes a long way. Use one or more Spiral Leg Bands to mark the age, bloodline, or broodiness of your chickens. Perfect for poultry shows, fairs, exhibitions, or simply around the yard. These spiral-style Leg Bands make keeping track easy and efficient; the bright colors are perfect for identifying your birds with ease at a distance. 

These are easy to apply.  No tools required and fit most chickens.  Each pack comes with 3 different color combinations. These Size 11 Leg Bands are 11/16 inches in diameter and are designed for use with larger-sized chickens like Leghorn Roosters, Plymouth Rock Hens, or Rhode Island Red Hens.


Uncoil spiral band and place the bird’s leg inside.  Allow band to close completely around the leg to its original shape.  Do not allow a tight fit. Please note: Make a habit of periodically checking the leg bands on your birds. Make sure that they are not getting too tight as your birds grow. Leg Bands can cut off circulation or grow into the leg. When they start to get snug, you will have to replace the bands with a larger size. 


These Leg Bands are made with high-quality, non-brittle plastic that will not crack or fade. The springiness makes them easy and comfortable to get onto your birds, and they go a full lap around so they won't accidentally come off. 

Not a toy.  Keep out of reach of children.  Assorted color combinations.