Shufix Long Mixing Tips : 25ct

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Shufix Long Mixing Tips are a  dual hole inlet, helical static mixer for 250ml dual component F-System epoxy type cartridges. Stepped tip outlet. MFQ static mixers are “green square” Quadro products. Mixers can be used with epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and a variety of other adhesives and sealants. Applications include electronic component potting, automotive, communications, automotive, aerospace, biodiesel, wind and solar energy devices and many others. F-Style mixers have two discrete inlet port holes that allow the F-style cartridge to deliver material into the mixer with minimal cross-contamination.

These mixer nozzles have green inner elements and are constructed of high-grade polypropylene. High quality mixer nozzles for use with twin cartridges. All parts are industrial grade and silicone free.