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Cattle Calm by Sullivan's Supply is used as an aid in training and showing calves providing a calming effect during stressful times. Used as a dietary supplement containg trytophan and natural herbs. One tube works for animals up to 1,000 pounds. Administer 2-3 hrs before time of showing.

Used as an aid in calming show cattle. Allows exhibitor to handle show animal more safely and professionally. Not a drug. No withdrawal time is necessary.

Administer one mark on plunger for each 100 pounds of animal's weight. Administer two to three hours before time of showing. For harder to handle animals, administer in the following manner: give one dosage 24 hours before show, give 2nd dosage 12 hours before show, and a 3rd dosage two to three hours before show time.

L-Tryptophan-4gm., Valerian Root, Black Cohosh, Passion Flower, Ginger Root, Hopps, Wood Betony, Benzol Alcohol, Aloe Gel, Acaisa Gum, and selected Homeopathically treated products for improved effectiveness.

Not for human consumption.