Scarlet Oil : Gallon

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Vedco Scarlet Oil is an external application for superficial lacerations , wire cuts, burns and surface wounds of horses and mules.

Contains: Mineral oil, isopropyl alcohol(32.1% v/v), pine oil, benqyl alcohol (2.4% v/v), oil of eucalyptus, methyl salicylate, parachlorometaxylenol and biebrich scarlet.

Dosage: Apply freely with a dauber or gauze to the affected parts.  May  be used under a bandage if desired.  The treatment may be repeated once or twice a day as indicated.

Caution: For external veterinary use only.  In case of deep, or puncture wounds or serious burns or if redness, irriatation, or swelling persists or increases, consult a veterinarian.  Keep away from the eyes or mucous membranes.  Avoid inhaling.  A combustible liquid, do not use near an open flame.


Warnings: For horses and mules not intended for food use.