SS Tweezers 12" 1/2ml & 1/4ml


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The handy Cito Straw Cutter, Tweezers, and Scissors are what every A.I. kit box should have in it. The Cito Straw cutter is a convenient device for snipping the tips of straws open cleanly and to the perfect length with the push of a button. Disassembles for easy cleaning and disinfection. Made of non-corrosive plastic with stainless steel blade.

Thumb-button operation and an interior stainless blade ensure safe operation. Slip n Snip scissors are handy for cutting any number of small items.  The fold up neatly and safely when not in use-safe for any pocket(but still not allowed on flights as carry on)  Straw tweezers are designed for the practical handling of freezing straws or transfer straws in that they have notched tips designed specifically for holding straws.  Available in 1/2cc straw or 1/4cc straw models.  For longer, more durable tweezers, the 12" long stainless steel model is also available and can accommodate either 1/2cc or 1/4cc straws.