Equine Uterine Flushing/Lavage Catheter 60" Vinyl



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Long vinyl tubing sets for equine uterine flushing/lavage and for connection to flushing catheters. This is a 60 inch vinyl tubing set designed for lavage/cavity washing of the vaginal or uterine area of a mare. 48" length of vinyl tubing with spike for fluid bag on one end and a stepped adapter for fitting to a foley catheter on the other. 

This tubing has a spike for insertion into a flush bag on one end, an inline pinch clamp for flow control, and the final 4 inches of tubing has a total of 7 exit ports (6 along the sides, 1 on the end) for a thorough lavage. ETO sterilized.The Single Line Equine Tubing Set has a pinch-clamp controls flow rate. Gamma irradiated.