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The cool pack is a simple gel-style reusable cool or freeze pack in a convenient 12oz size.

Disposable shipper units are a popular and inexpensive method of  shipping fresh cooled semen.   Eliminates the need for having a permanent or reusable shipper sent back to you by your client. We carry three standard models of disposable shippers.  All three have a basic design of an outer corrugate box, inner polystyrene box with lid, a specimen holder, and some cool pack/packs.  The Versashipper gets its name for the versatility it offers in shipping components.  The Thermashield pouches used for holding the cooled semen allow shipments of either syringes , centrifuge tubes, or sealed bags of semen.  You're not restricted to a certain size or s tyle of syringe or tube.  We offer the Versashipper III with either (2) 4" x 11" thermashield pouches or (1) 8" x 11".  An additional advantage to the Versashipper III is that in the two-pouch configuration , individual pouches can be removed without disturbing the second specimen.  Setup information is included with each shipper.  The Equine Express II disposable shipper form Exodus Breeders is designed for shipping up to (2) 50cc/60cc syringes.   The Clipper shipping unit from Hamilton Research Intl is also designed to ship (2) 50cc/60cc syringes.  All three styles use a form of self-tabbing lid(stays closed without the use of packing tape), which makes both inspection and reuse possible an less damaging.  We also offer the components of the VersaShipper III as individual items.  The Thermashield insulated pouches are a great way of shipping temperature sensitive goods and come in a variety of dimensions.  Gel packs and phenolic block warm/cool shipper packs are also very handy for transport of hot or cold supplies either in these shippers or in your own box or cooler.