Equine A.V.-Colorado Water Jacket Liner



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The A.V. Water Jacket Liner is a heavy duty equine latex water jacket for the Colorado-style Stallion A.V. This is the latex liner that holds the water within the A.V. It is washable and reusable. This water jacket is long enough to accommodate all of our A.V. sizes, from 14 inch through 25 inch rigid A.V. tubes.


Care and Maintenance:
Recommended to thoroughly clean before first use!
The liners are washable and reusable.
Turn liner inside out and wash with warm water and detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Next: allow liner to soak in hot tap water for 60 minutes followed by rinsing with distilled water, and then a final rinse with a 70% alcohol. Allow to dry completely hanging up to dry to prevent the latex surface from contacting each other during drying. For longer life store in a cool dark location in an unsealed package. 

Light, heat, and the inability to breathe are detriments to natural latex!