Sterilized Equine Insemination Kit 25" Tube with Adapt/SS Glove



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Sterilized Equine Insemination kit including (1) 25 inch Infusette Tube with syringe adapter (individually wrapped), and (1) medium supersensitive shoulder glove, packaged in a poly bag.

Insemination kits for horses come in a variety of options/assemblies. They're put together to make the breeder's job more convenient  by being able to order all of the disposables  necessary for one breeding in a preassembled kit, rather than getting a pack of these and a box of those.

You're not limited to the kits you'll find listed...these are based on the most popular options.  If you have specific preferences, we will gladly put together a kit to your specifications...with any of our individual components you prefer(such as  an alternate syringe, alternate insemination tube, alternate glove etc).  We'll then give your custom kit its own identification number so that we have record for subsequent orders.  Most of the individual components you'll find in our kits are also individually wrapped and sterilized within the kit package, such as the insemination tubes, gloves, and syringes.