Python Insecticide Tags : 100ct

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Python insecticide tags by Y-Tex is a slow-release cattle ear tag containing a synergized formulation of a potent pyrethroid compound that has excellent activity against many pests including resistant horn flies. Labeled for use on beef or dairy cattle. Lavender tags: Y-tex tagger

9.5gm tag

Y-Tex tagging system. Apply 1 (adequate) or 2 (optimum) tags per animal. Each tag weighs 9.5 gm with 3-5 months protection.

A $3.00 investment in Y-TEX insecticide ear tags can return  43.1 lbs. extra gain for calves, 47.1 lbs. extra gain for stocker steers and open heifers, and 26.1 lbs extra gain for cows.

 *Based on 43 independent studies for calves, 11 studies for stocker steers and open heifers, and 28 herd studies for cows. For good long-term horn fly control, proper tag rotation must be followed.