Pyranha Essential Shampoo : 32oz



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Pyranha Essential Shampoo contains essential ingredients of geraniol, argan oil and the addition of conditioners and vitamins in the form of vitamin E.  Aloe Vera juice and coconut oil.  These three components leave your pet, horse and show animals clean and refreshed with a lasting pleasant smell. Essential Shampoo uses naturally derived and processed Geraniol to help balance secretions around the hair follicles and reduce sebum to help stimulate hair growth. Essential Shampoo uses Argan Oil to calm and moisturize skin , while encouraging coat sheen and supple coat  texture.  Essential shampoo uses a naturaly derived aloe vera juice to support skin tissue, deter itching, and sooth skin while reducing inflammation for all animals.  Essential Shampoo uses Vitamin E to promote hair growth at the follicle and sooth irritated skin.  Essential Shampoo uses Coconut oil to sooth skin , improve coat sheen, and moisture skin and hair.  Biodegrable and DEA & Parben Free.