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A rugged constructed and affordable  Bottle Mount Vaccinator that is designed to allow for efficient and effective application of all animal health injectables. The self-contained, one-handed unit allows for full mobility and automatic refilling of syringes without returning to the bottle, or using a hose. Adjustable from 0.1cc to 0.5cc in 0.1cc increments. Prima # 343413

The ergonomic handle, with a patented spring tension, easily adjusts to the user and conditions. The large dosage adjuster makes changing dosage easy. The universal needle cup fits a Luer Spec needle.

Value Line Syringe Includes: 1-09 Metal Luer Lock Needle Nut, 1- 100/125 mL Fast Fit, and 1 -100 mL/20mm Bottle Collar.


Not advised for use with bottles over 250ml