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The 178B (Black Synthetic ) Air Rifle from Pneu Dart is the New upgrade from the 178B Air projector. It features upgrades of a sleek weather resistant stock design and enlarged forearm to reduce pumping effort.  Can be used for tranquilizing, antibiotic treatments, & vaccinating.  Limited Supply- 1 left

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Due to the safety of people and livestock, we do not accept returns of rifles, crossbows, or pole syringes

The air rifle for the person that has limited or occasional use for an immobilizing gun. Also features an elevated cheek rest for quick reticle reference.

Model 178B Specifications

  • Stock and Action - Benjamin Sheridan
  • Sleek weather resistant stock design 
  • Elevated cheek rest for quick reticle reference
  • Enlarged forearm to reduce pumping effort
  • Overall Length - 41"
  • Barrel - 13mm caliber Smooth Bore
  • Sights - Open
  • Weight - 7 Ibs.
  • Range - 2 feet to 40 yards with 1cc Type 'P' disposable RDD Devices controlled by number of strokes when pumping air into the projector and knurled power control knob on valve on bolt. Minimum - 1 pump; Maximum - 10 pumps

All of the projectors have adjustable power controls that makes for accurate uses at close ranges or sizable distances, even from the bird's eye view of a helicopter. This allows for quiet propulsion and less trauma to the animal when properly applied — a real plus when immobilizing penned animals.

Manual for 176B, 178B, 179B, 190BManual for Air Projector 178B or 178BS

Parts for 178B Air Rifle

** Note the manual for the 178B is the same for the 178BS

Cleaning the Projector: Video

Introduction to New 178BS: Video

How to Load Darts: Video

Power Control Chart

Dart Type Information