Pneu Dart 1/2cc x 1" TP Type P RDD (Dart) : 5ct



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Pneu-Dart Type ‘P’ disposable opaque polycarbonate resin body RDD Devices (color coded in yellow) are for use with our CO2/Air projectors and Blo-Jector. As with the Type ‘C’ darts, these darts are appropriate for use on small or large animals. These are the First and Only disposable Slo-Inject® RDD device on the market. 1/2cc x 1" 

These RDD Devices are used with the following Pneu-Dart Model Projectors: X-Caliber Gauged Projector, X2 Gauged Projector, Model 176B – CO 2 Air, Model 178 B – Air, Model 179B Short Range Projector – CO2, and Model 190B Short Range Projector – Air.


  • Reduced rate of injection
  • Virtually no tissue damage to the animal
  • Minimizes potential for "bounce-outs"
  • Now constructed with structurally superior and chemically resistant resin
  • Helps to ensure ideal delivery

How They Work

Type ‘C’, ‘P’ and ‘U’ RDD Devices contain a small explosive charge which detonates on impact and quickly injects the liquid. RDD Devices equal to or less than 1 cc do not require retention (wire barb or gelatin collar) due to the rate of injection. As a consequence of the device mechanics, the RDD Device will “flash” when activated, a real asset in low-light conditions.

The O-Zone™

Proper remote drug delivery must be delivered to the O-Zone™ injection site. Pneu-Dart recommends consistently delivering an appropriate sized practice device to a six-inch target before attempting to deliver any medication remotely.  The species neutral O-Zone™ is on the side of the neck forward of the shoulder.

Poly Dart Bodies (.5 cc to 2 cc)

With the advent of our patented Slo-Inject® technology Pneu-Dart has fortified its plastic RDD Device body by transitioning over to an opaque polycarbonate resin. Equipped with a color-coded polypropylene Type ‘C’ or Type ‘P’ tail, the Slo-Inject® PolyCarb RDD Device possesses enhanced mechanical and superior chemical resistance properties.

Cannula Lengths

RDD Devices are available with 14-gauge cannula in lengths of 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″.

RDD Devices 1.5 cc through 10 cc are equipped with a gelatin collar. 0.5cc – 10cc can be ordered with a wire barb. 3/8″ cannula are available in plain only. 1/2″ cannula are available in gelatin collars or wire barbs. We do not recommend wire barbs or gelatin collars on 1/2 cc or 1 cc devices; however, they are available at an additional cost. Gelatin collars comprise of an inert material retaining the dart in place until the injection is made, and after several minutes will liquefy, allowing the RDD Device to fall freely from the animal.

The chart listed below is a general guide for cannula lengths when administering intramuscular injections. Thirteen gauge cannula in specific lengths are also available. When ordering, please specify type of dart and cannula length. Not sure what will work best for you? Call our helpful Customer Care Providers at 866-299-DART (3278) or email us at

  •  0–10 lbs. | 3/8″ cannula length
  • 10–75 lbs. | 1/2″ cannula length
  • 75–150 lbs. | 3/4″ cannula length
  • 150–600 lbs. | 1″ cannula length
  • 600+ lbs. | 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, and 2″ cannula lengths

Unsure of which options are best for you and your darting situation? Contact your local veterinarian for assistance.