Perky Pet Wild Bird Vintage Blue Glass Feeder : Holds .5lbs

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 Perky Pet Sapphire Starburst Vintage Glass Bird Feeder attracts wild birds to your yard with this Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst Vintage Glass Bird Feeder. Made with a blue vintage-glass bottle with a luster finish and embossed with starburst accents, the hanging feeder creates a pop of color that will add beauty and a touch of antique style to any outdoor setting while catching the attention of your favorite backyard birds. A great gift idea for any bird lover on your list, this feeder will provide hours of bird-watching enjoyment from one season to the next, year after year. The gorgeous, vintage-style glass bottle of the Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst Vintage Bird Feeder has a vibrant blue hue and embossed starburst accents, making it eye candy for you and eye-catching for your tiny friends. Use the attached hanger to display the Starburst Vintage Feeder in an area of your yard where it catches the sun's rays, and prepare to be wowed by the radiant sapphire reflection. In addition to its eye-catching good looks, the Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst Vintage Bird Feeder offers a 0.56 lb seed capacity and a unique circular perch that wraps all the way around the scalloped metal tray, providing plenty of space for multiple birds to comfortably perch and feed without feeling crowded. The thick glass jar of the Perky-Pet Sapphire Starburst Vintage Bird Feeder is durable enough to withstand tough weather without breaking. Meanwhile the metal base cover and ports ensure this feeder will be a focal point in your backyard for a long time to come. A clean feeder is much more likely to attract visitors. It can sometimes be cumbersome to clean and fill bird feeders. That’s why we've designed this feeder with a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning! With the larger opening, you can easily reach all the nooks and crannies.