Perky Pet Oriole Nectar Feedre : Holds 32oz

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  Perky-Pet Oriole Feeder attracts orioles to your backyard.. The feeder’s bright orange accents make it easy for orioles to spot when passing overhead. Oriole won’t be able to resist the orange slice-shaped feeding ports and large perches. With four ports and a large 32 oz nectar capacity, you’ll be able to accommodate plenty of hungry orioles. Remember to clean your feeder at least once per week with a mild soap and water solution to prevent mildew buildup. This feeder offers a two-position perch at each of the feeding stations that adjusts to accommodate all species of orioles. Plus, the four feeding ports allow multiple birds to dine at the same time for optimal bird-watching enjoyment. Every element of this simple feeder is designed to entice orioles. It features a bright orange color palette and orange slice-shaped feeding ports to draw orioles’ attention as they fly by. Plus, each port is equipped with a built-in bee guard to ensure that bees can't enter the feeder, while orioles have no trouble at all.