O' Quadrical Mini Boluses : 32doses

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Quadrical Mini Calcium bolus supplement for adult dairy cattle having the ability to swallow at calving. Feature rapidly available calcium sources typically lacking in most "slow release" calcium or CMPK boluses; and sustained availability calcium often lacking in gel tubes and drenches, without the mess or risk of aspiration. Contain vitamin D3, critical for calcium utilization in the body. Provide niacin to aid liver function during negative energy balance. Convenient application - smaller bolus than leading competitor; rounded profile for smooth, safe and easy administration.

5 Mini boluses contain min 50,000 mg/max 60,000 mg calcium.

Directions: 5 boluses at calving time; repeat 12-24 hours later as needed. Use with 26 mm Balling Gun. If animal is too small or unable to swallow product easily, discontinue use immediately. Feeding forcibly or to animals unable to swallow product for any reason may result in serious injury or death of animal. For best results, use in conjunction with 'O'RumenAider® Cattle Capsules.   32doses

Manufacturer Label and/or Information

Manufacturer Label and/or Information