MosquitoPaq No-Bite Anytime Lotion 2 Vial Pack



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Deet-Free, Non-Toxic botanical formula has a pleasant scent, is Pediatrician and Dermatologist approved, gentle on skin, and is clinically proven effective at keeping mosquitoes from biting for up to 6+ hours. 

Available in 2 VialPaQ or 7 VialPaQ

MosquitoPaQ emits an aroma that suppresses the protein seeking receptors; confounding a mosquitos ability to seek a blood meal. In turn, the mosquitos carbohydrate receptors allow it to focus its appetite to an alternative food source, nectar, instead of you. Created from natural ingredients that are NON-TOXIC and contain no harmful or DEET-based chemicals. MosquitoPaQ’s patented, essence products are easy-to-use, completely effective and do not contain any chemicals that have been clinically proven to be harmful to people, pets and the environment. Independent clinical testing has shown that MosquitoPaQ products creates a SAFE no-bite ZONE around the areas you choose to protect.