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Manna Pro Goat Balancer is truly a comprehensive supplement to enhance your goat’s diet. Perfect for all ages and breeds of goats, Goat Balancer offers a wide variety of quality ingredients with a licorice flavor that they will love! This formula includes a range of vitamins and minerals optimized to benefit goats, as well as 20% protein which supports muscle development as well as milk production. Goat Balancer also offers a specially formulated yeast culture which not only supports feed intake and utilization, but also helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Plus, essential nutrients help maintain healthy skin and coat so your goats will look their best. Whether you have pet goats, dairy goats, meat goats, show goats, young goats, or old goats – provide them with the best nutrition. Provide them with Manna Pro Goat Balancer!

Directions of Use:
Goat Balancer can be used to supplement the ration of all types of goats including: show goats, meat goats, dairy goats, pygmy and dwarf goats; and pet goats. Goat Balancer can also be fed in all life stages including: young growing goats, does and bucks prior to and during the breeding season, pregnant does, lactating does, goats in preparation for show, grazing goats,and mature adult goats.

Top Dressing*:
For Goats under 25 lb: Feed ½ ounce of Goat Balancer daily along with the regular ration
For Goats from 25 to 50 lb: Feed 1 ounce of Goat Balancer daily along with the regular ration
For Goats over 50 lb: Feed 2 ounces of Goat Balancer daily along with the regular ration

Mixing: Mix 2 pounds of Goat Balancer with a 50 lb bag of a goat grain mix and feed according to desired performance.

*The enclosed scoop holds approximately 1 ounce of Goat Balancer by weigh

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