Long Shot Extension 30ml Pole Syringe Yellow - Complete

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The Long Shot Pole Syringe from Koehn easily injects livestock with medication with a forced forward movement. An adjustable fiberglass pole from 4 1/2 ft to 8 ft. with a durable 30cc syringe. Comes with a 14-gauge x 1 inch luer-lock needle that is easily replaced as needed.  

  • Simple distance medicating (up to 10 ft. away, no springs, air or complicated mechanics.
  • The infinitely adjustable fiberglass pole can be positively locked at any length required from 4 ft. to 8 ft. simply by turning the handle .
  • New heavy duty reinforced plunger shaft eliminates bending.
  • Easily injects medication with the forced forward movement of the pole.
  • Durable 30cc syringe and 14 ga stainless steel needle standard with Long Shot.
  • It is evenly balanced and lightweight (only 3 lbs).
  • 4 ft. retracted, 8 ft. fully extended.
  • Syringe can be re-filled while on the pole