Milkhouse Dairy Drum Pump Dispenser 36" : 110oz

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Milkhouse Drum Pump Dispenser is for five-gallon pails and drum containers, includes safety features for use with the caustic cleaners of the milkhouse. A special strap may be locked to prevent unauthorized use. (Key or padlock not included) and a threaded twist handle prevents inadvertent lifting. An anti-siphon spout reduces dripping after dispensing. Available in a 12", 18" or 36"

The pump features a "Dairy Farm Safety" warning label. Features a threaded intake for containers with 3/4" openings and an 18" dip tube. May be inserted directly into the reservoir using the 2" bung opening adapter included. Pumps are vented through the connectors. Drum Pumps are boxed with instructions. 

DP12SPS has a 12" body, and dispenses 6 oz. per stroke.

DP18SPS has a 18" body, and dispenses 8 oz. per stroke.

DP36SPS has a 36" body, and dispenses 11 oz. per stroke.