Last Stand with ImmWave : 60gm



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Emergency response for severe scours. Recommended for use in beef and dairy calves suffering from scours and malnutrition. Last Stand is an all-natural, targeted feed supplement. It comes in a convenient 60g, single-dose tube.

Scours and malnutrition impact over 28% of all beef and dairy calves born in the US, costing the industry over $120 million every year.

The multi-faceted formulation of Last Stand with ImmWave delivers key benefits in your battle to save critically ill calves.

Targets harmful pathogens; strengthens the immune system; establishes intestinal balance; speeds recovery; complements antibiotics and electrolytes. All-natural ingredients; no withdrawal necessary.


DIRECTIONS :Administer entire contents orally. Repeat as needed. Not recommended to exceed three consecutive days for each event.

Ingedients: Corn oil, Silico aluminate, Powdered cellulose, Acetic acid, Dried egg yolk solids, Dextrose, Dried whey, Milk proteins, Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), Manna-oligosaccharides (MOS), Vitamin B supplement, Vitamin D3 supplement, Dried fermentation products of: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium thermophilum, Enterococcus faecium, Bacillus subtilis, Sorbitan monostearate, Sorbic acid.

Store in a cool, dry place, out of sunlight.

Given orally to a severely sick calf, all-natural Last Stand ™ with ImmWave™  targets harmful pathogens in the gut and delivers key components directly into the bloodstream, enhancing the response of the immune system to jump-start recovery. Last Stand with ImmWave is a specifically formulated combination of new and proven technology, including select milk proteins, Encrypt® , multiple targeted egg proteins, host-specific microencapsulated bacteria, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin D3. Last Stand with ImmWave is a powerful and wise investment in your battle to save every calf, improve productivity, and increase profitability.