Jorgy Wavicide Sterilizing Solution : Gallon



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The preferred solution for items like endoscopes, that cannot be autoclaved. A 30-day, 2.65% glutaraldehyde sterilizing solution. It is a true sterilant versus just a disinfectant. Wavicide is similar to other glutaraldehydes (i.e., Johnson and Johnson's Cidex). Wavicide is similar to other solutions as in: 2% glutaraldehyde solution. *Must pre-clean instruments before.  J0881G

immersion. *Must rinse with sterile water before use. Wavicide's advantages: *No separate activator chemical needed *Ready-to-use, no mixing or shaking *Unused bottle solution keeps for a full year *30-day reuse *Use at room temperature *Lemon scented (1 gallon)