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This Jakes STANDARD wire tightener makes repairing fences easier, quicker, and less expensive. Tighten the wire by inserting a clip and make a couple of quick turns with the turning tool and you're done! Repair broken wire by splicing a new small piece of wire and inserting a clip and you're done! 

Repairing fences can be time consuming and costly. Not anymore! In less than a minute you can tighten your loose fence quickly and inexpensively without cutting the wire. Tightens any type wire up to 12 1/2 gauge without un-stapling and re-stretching. Simply insert the clip and with a couple of turns with tightening handle, your job is done. Will not kink the wire. Can be re-tightened as wire stretches. The Heavy Duty clips work the same as the standard but instead of being 1/4" diameter, they are 5/16" diameter.  The standard clip will work on up to 12 gauge wire  and the Heavy duty will work on heavier gauge wire up to 12gauge hi-tensile wire or 9gauge bull wire.

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