Hoof It Powder Slow Cure : 454gm



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HOOF-it Powder is the ultimate in hoof repair. Mixes with HOOF-it Liquid acrylic for quick application of blocks or boots to the claw. Fast cure is recommended for faster setting powder in temperatures 70 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Easy to mix and use and provides consistent results with less odor compared to other products.  HOOF-it Mixing Powder simplifies mixing process plus provides a stronger bond with claw and block and more natural toe structure for walking comfort. WOOD BLOCK & TOE: Place wood block into Mixing Toe touching toe of
block into front tip of Mixing Toe firmly seating the block into the Mixing Toe. Press block onto cow’s prepared sound claw, leaving a layer of glue to adhere block to claw. Pour 15ml HOOF-it LIQUID into the Mixing Toe (left or right) up to the measuring line or into the HOOF-it Boot Block.

Directions: Mix with HOOF-It® MMA Acrylic Liquid for hoof repair adhesive to properly apply blocks to hooves.