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GASTRIX™ is a unique vitamin/mineral liquid supplement formulated to help promote a healthy stomach and digestive system in the horse. With herbal added ingredients, GASTRIX™ is Veterinary-tested and endorsed. It is also the most cost effective product that helps the hindgut as well as the foregut. Helps to establish a healthy digestive system and ease symptoms of ulcers and colic.

Active Ingredient:
Honey,Sodium chloride,Cinnamon powder,Cabbage powder,Ascorbic acid,Methylsulfonylmethane,Purified water,Apple cider vinegar,Aloe vera concentrate,Carrot powder,Slippery elm,Licorice,Anthemis nobilis L.,Grapeseed extract,Zinc gluconate,Brewers yeast,Apple pectin,Chlorophyllin,Dong quai root,Red ginseng,Lemon juice,Sodium benzoate