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When cows freshen, they lose a large reservior of the essential nutrients needed to get going and transition into lactation quickly. During this transition, feed Fresh Cow YMCP to supplement yeast, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and niacin. FOB charges apply.

Fresh Cow YMCP contains four types of calcium (calcium lactate, tricalcium phosphate, calcium propionate, calcium carbonate) plus other key ingredients to give cows everything they need to support milk production, all in a palatable and non-abrasive product.  With over a decade of proven results, Fresh Cow YMCP has shown it provides necessary support to fresh cows during the transition period. Producers find that Fresh Cow YMCP is easy to use to support peak milk production, and to maintain normal energy metabolism.

When to Use: 

  • Immediately post-calving for support during the transition into lactation
  • To maintain normal energy metabolism
  • For cows that are off feed
  • For post-surgery
  • As a follow up to intravenus calcium administration to maintain calcium levels in the blood
  • To support the cow during optimum peak milk

Key Functional Components: 

Yeast, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Electrolytes, Niacin, Betaine

Features and Benefits: 

  • Contains 30 billion colony forming units of live yeast to provide the gut with beneficial bacteria to support rumen function
  • Magnesium is added to help the body absorb calcium
  • Contains 54 grams of calcium, derived from four different sources, including highly palatable and easy-to-absorb milk calcium which supports muscle tone of the uterus
  • Added potassium which is essential for energy metabolism and maintaining normal feed utilization
  • Niacin is added per veterinary recommendation

Directions for Use: 

Use product in one of three manners or combinations of the three manners detailed below with the intention to provide one pound of Fresh Cow YMCP per day per cow for the first 3 days post-calving.
Drench Use: Use as a drench suspension by mixing one pound of Fresh Cow YMCP with one pint of warm water given daily per cow for the first 3 days post-calving.  Drench suspension slowly to permit swallowing.  Do not drench cows that are down or struggle excessively with fluids or gels as their swallowing reflexes may be impaired.
Water Use: Use in the drinking water by mixing one-half pound of Fresh Cow YMCP to 5 gallons of warm drinking water and repeat to provide the intended intake of 1 pound per cow per day.  Repeat for the first 3 days post-calving.  For best results, offer as soon as possible after calving.
Feed Mixing or Top Dressing: When feed mixing or top dressing, mix sufficient Fresh Cow YMCP in the total ration or grain ration to provide a daily intake of one pound per cow of Fresh Cow YMCP the first three days after calving.  When top dressing, hand mix or disperse Fresh Cow YMCP throughout the grain or total ration.

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Calcium (Ca), min..........11.40%
Calcium (Ca), max.........13.60%
Salt (Na), min..................2.25%
Salt (Na), max.................2.75%
Sodium (Na), min............1.80%
Sodium (Na), max...........2.30%
Magnesium (Mg), min......4.75%
Potassium (K), min........11.00%
Zinc (Zn), min................90 ppm
Vitamin A, min......400,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D, min........80,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E, min.............400 IU/lb
Niacin, min..............2700 mg/lb
Yeast Cells, min.........150 million CFU*/gram
(Saccharomyces Cervisiae)
*CFU (Colony Forming Units)