Freedom 45 Spot On Horses 12wk



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Repels and kills horn flies, face flies, stable flies, house flies, black flies, deer flies, horse flies, gnats and mosquitoes on horses and ponies over 12 weeks of age. Also kills and repels ticks. Safe for pregnant and nursing mares.

  • Broader control against biting and nuisance pests
  • Safe for use on pregnant mares
  • Easy-to-use applicator with no-spill, reusable cap
  • Increased 9mL dosages for maximum effect
  • Water and perspiration resistant
  • Contains no dilemonine, which may cause skin irritation on horses

Directions for Use:

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Hold tube in upright position pointing away from user’s face and body. Break off tip or cut with scissors. Using the cc marks on the body of the applicator as a guide apply the Freedom 45 as follows by gently squeezing the applicator.

1.Streak 1 cc on the poll.
2.Streak 0.5 cc on each side of the withers (1 cc total).
3.Streak 1 cc on each side of the hindquarters (2 cc in total).
4.Spot 1 cc to the back of each front leg (2 cc in total).
5. Spot 1 cc above each hock, on the gaskin muscle (2 cc in total).

Proper application is critical to product performance. Read product packaging for precautionary statements. Read all directions before using any spot-on products.