Fluid Feeder with SS Probe : 2qt



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An easy to use tool. Uses an esphageal probe to administer fluids and nutrients directly into the rumen. Permits relatively fast administration of liquids without regurgitation. A Fluidfeeder gives cattlemen a practical, easy-to-use tool that helps save baby calves. Using a Fluidfeeder is a simple, one man operation that requires no special training.

The Magrath Fluidfeeder features reinforcement at the bottle cap which permits one-handed administration of colostrum and life-saving fluids to newborn calves. The stainless steel probe crimps at the neck to stop the flow while the user inserts the esophageal tube, a feature designed to help prevent accidental insertion into the trachea. The semi-flexible bottle is then turned upright and fluids flow into the calf. 1 quart bottle.

Scoured, dehydrated calves – even those that will not eat or drink – get the supportive fluids and energy they need to recover fast.


  • Practical, easy to use tool.
  • Esophageal probe administers fluids and nutrients directly into the rumen
  • Can administer quart quantities of fluids to a calf in less than one minute
  • Probe is hardened which prevents burrs that can cut the throat and cause infection
  • Roll tube can be reused many times – heavy duty material resists punctures and tears
  • Check valve allows liquid to leave the bottle and keeps air out
  • Bottle design collapses as the liquid leaves without venting
  • Economical and Flexible