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Fecal Ova Float. A fecal flotation exam is a necessary part of every routine physical exam as well as many diagnostic workups. Various internal parasite eggs can be detected through the simple test by the use of flotation solutions, which cause the ova to rise to the top of these solutions. Often times, the client is asked to bring a stool sample from home, which is not an easy task in most cases. The fecal ova float is a two-part plastic container for use as both a fecal collection container and a flotation exam container. The inexpensive containers facilitate a simple and hygienic collection of fecal material. Upon arrival at the clinic, the containers will hold the flotation solution, with no spillage, for a flotation exam. Packaged in handy 50-Kit dispensing box. J0950 Fecal Ova Float, Dispensing Box with 50 Kits. 7.5" x 5.5" x 5" at 1.65 Lbs