EZE Bloodless Castrator Kit-T1



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Allows minimum stress and discomfort to animals. Applies a rubber tube around the scrotum and pulls it extremely tight, cutting off the blood supply. An aluminum clip secures the constriction. The scrotum should fall off in 20-30 days.* Can be used on cattle, sheep and goats.* Kit contains rubber tubes and clips to do 25 head, and an instructional DVD. Tetanus Toxoid should be given.

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Take advantage of nature's own growth hormone by leaving bulls intact until 5-8 months of age. University trials show 10-15% improvement in gain both pre- and post-weaning in bull calves over early castrated calves. Natural testosterone also increases frame and carcass cutability. Band castration does not interrupt rate of gain and causes only minimal discomfort and stress to the animal. Tetanus toxoid (Covexin 8, BarVac CD-T, Vision C & D,  Tetanus Toxoid  should be administered when bands are applied.