Emcelle E-D3 Liquid : 1000ml



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Stuart Products Emcelle E-D3 Liquid is a clear, micellized, water-dispersable liquid solution of Vitamins E and D for poultry and swine.   The micellization process enhances the ability of animals to utilize these critically important fat-soluable vitamins.  This process allows the solubilized fat-soluable vitamins to be absorbed more readily than dry,  oil-bases, or emulsion forms that must  be micellized prior to being absorbed .  This product is the first to provide micellized vitamin E and D in combination for enhanced absorption.  formulated for use in liquid diets, mixed into drinking water, or top dressed onto dry feeds at the time of feeding. Do not mix into complete feeds and store   for extended periods of time due to the unstable form of Vitamin E. Contains 500 IU Vitamin E and 30,000 IU Vitamin D per ml.

Manufacturer Label and/or Information

Manufacturer Label and/or Information