Castrator Emasculator No Crush (Whites) : 7"



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No crush, made of the finest stainless steel. Double-crush emasculators (White-Style) crush the cord and blood vessels followed by a sharp cut, reducing post-op bleeding and infection. The 7" no crush emasculator uses a sharp cutting action ideal for tail docking on lambs up to 70 days of age where bleeding is minimal.

Prevents primary and secondary hemorrhage because of the multiple crushing of the spermatic cord and artery. Removable wing nut simplifies disassembly for cleaning, and serves as adjustment for tightening or approximating the blades.

Choose the best castrating method to use. The most important thing before you start castrating your cattle is to find out and think about what method you should use and/or are most comfortable with, according to what their stomach can handle and how sensitive they are to the animal's well being.

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