Millpledge Eaze Off Adhesive Remover : 50ml (1.69oz)



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Millpledge Eaze Off Adhesive and Bandage Remover is an innovative combination of safe, non toxic, non stinging siloxanes formulated to destabilize the adhesion of sticky adhesive bandages and tapes such as E-Band, Bandesive, A-Tape, W-Tape and works equally with lighter adhesives such as those used on Anipore, Anisilk, Anifilm and island or adhesive dressings

What it does

Eaze-Off temporarily denatures the tack / adhesive properties of the glues used on high tack fixation, support, and compression bandages allowing easy and painless removal of the bandage or dressing minimizing trauma to the healing process and the animal. The tack of the glue is only temporarily suspended as Eaze-Off completely evaporates and leaves no residue or film barrier preventing the re-adhesion of the next dressing or new appliance to the animal.

  • Stress-free removal of adhesive residues - leaves no black residue marks on patients skin or fur.

  • Skin-friendly - No sting!

  • Reduces trauma associated with bandage removal - more comfort for your patient.

  • Works when held upside down - perfect for awkward areas such as the axilla.

  • CFC free propellant.