Jorgy Earcrop Cartilage Scissor J0049S



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Heavy-duty scissors with one serrated edge. Stainless steel 61/2' . Allows for better cosmetic and more consistent ear trims. Ear cropping scissors are blunt-tipped scissors with very sharp blades that are used to cut and shape the dog's ear. The blunt tips on these scissors will not damage the puppy's ear by jabbing them accidentally. Their heavy blades allow them make clean cuts. Ear cropping is a procedure in which a part of a puppy or dog's ear is removed for the purposes of causing the ear to stand up. The procedure is performed most commonly on puppies between the ages of two and three months, as the remaining cartilage in their ear is more pliable and more easily trained to stand up in the desired erect ear fashion. Several tools are used in ear cropping.