Agri-Pro Disinfection Mat - Red


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The Disinfection Mat from Agri-Pro is specially designed to be placed at the entrances of hog, poultry and dairy, and other livestock facilities, to disinfect boots and shoes of those who enter. Bladder is made of tough poly mesh over a foam core, and is removable and machine washable. Made to stand up to thousands disinfectings! Red

Also available in Blue - see 'related Products'

24 x 32 x 1. Made is the USA!
Just mix up or use full strength, your choice of disinfectant, we suggest Tektrol, Virosan, Nolvasan, Synergize (will kill CircoVirus in Swine). Rocal and even bleach. Dilute per directions and just pour over the foam mat. The inner mat is completely surrounded by an outer mat, so no need to worry about overflow. Mat holds approx 1 1/2 gallons of Disinfectant! 
When mat becomes dirty, just pull out the inner liner, hang up and let dry, or hose off, wring out and refill. ** Note the 5 lb. weight is unfilled.