Bock's Dewlap Boc-Loc Brisket Tags Blank : Blue

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Bock's dewlap/brisket tag is the most unique tag offered to cattlemen. Made of non-rigid plastic, it is the only truly permanent tag. Can be installed on a day old calf and never needs to be replaced. It's not unusual for the tag to last ten to twelve years per animal. The tag is located on the brisket, so is always visible and does not snag. Hasp included, Toggle punch sold separately.

** Please note - Dewlap Brisket tags may not qualify for free shipping due to the weight of the hasp.

The metal hasp is plastic coated to prevent infection. Blank tags gives you the option to write your numbers, information, or letters with a marker. Also available numbered or with an initial - sold separately

2 1/2 " H x 3"W

Available in eight colors:  White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Peach, Purple, Pink, or Light Green.

The tags are sold by the each. 

Application Directions:

To apply- put  at the junction of the neck and brisket.  First clip/shave hair with clippers and use the punch applicator to put a hole through the loose skin. The U-shaped plastic- coated hasp is placed through the hole and the tag placed over the hasp. The ends of the hasp are bent back and over to hold the tag in place.
Boc-Loc Dewlap tags come complete with hasp.