Demotec Easy Bloc Hoof Kit Left & Right : 36ct

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Demotec Easy Bloc Kit Hoof makes hoof blocking easy. Designed to minimize lameness and provide fast, easy treatment for relief from pain and substantial increase in milk production. The Easy Bloc is a plastic slip-on boot which fits onto the healthy claw, taking weight off the affected claw, for immediate relief of pain. Has a flexible upper wall for better fit and more complete bonding. 36ct.

Optimum design avoids all possible pressure points. Provides greater stability. Premature breakdown of the sole is virtually eliminated. Mix the resin in the bloc itself, then press onto the claw. The resin sets within 5 – 6 minutes. Kit comes complete with everything to apply 18 lefts and 18 rights: 18 left blocs, 18 right blocs, 250 ml liquid portion of glue, 500 gm powder portion of glue, and 12 spatulas.