Credo SC Insecticide : 30oz



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CredoTM SC controls darkling beetles that can destroy facility insulation and structural wood, consume poultry feed, and may carry disease organisms and parasites.

CredoTM SC

  • Controls both adult and larval darkling beetles
  • Contains a class of chemistry to which darkling beetles have no resistance
  • 42.8% imidacloprid suspension concentrate
  • Specifically formulated for the poultry industry
  • Effective single-rate application
  • Easy to mix; easy to apply
  • Labeled for banded and broadcast application
  • One 30 oz bottle treats a 20,000 sq ft poultry house by using band application
  • Manage Resistance Development

    These steps can help manage darkling beetle resistance development:

    • Use insecticides at the proper rate
    • Read and follow all label instructions
    • Rotate Credo SC with Tempo® insecticides every 3-5 flocks