Cow Lift-Professional Standard : Small-Medium



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A lift used for cows that cannot stand up on their own anymore, such as right after giving birth. The gummed clamps are adjustable to the cow’s size. The lift is placed over the cow’s hips and tightened as necessary by cranking the handle, which secures the cow as she is lifted. This enables cow to regain the use of her legs so she can be milked or treated. Beam hook sold separately. 

Standard is for medium and smaller breeds up to 1,984 lbs / 900 kg.
Crank opens to 34"

Adjusts to size cow. Large 10" padded rings are placed over the pelvic bones and tightened by turning the crank. Chain is placed into ring at top of lift and animal can be raised with a loader or block and tackle. Collapses for easy storage. Ideal for downer cows, prolapsed uterus, and calving paralysis.

To Use: Simply place over the back of the cow or calf with the rings centered on the hip bones,  the cow or calf is to be centered directly below the loop on the bar. Turn the handle on the threaded rod until the rings moves inward and is snug to the hip bone. Rings need only be tight enough as not to slip off when the cow is raised. To remove the lift, simly lower the animal and turn the handle in the reverse direction until the rings release from the hips. DO NOT USE OVER 15-20 MINUTES AT A TIME. Excessive usage may damage the pelvis. 

Handle can be used on the left side or the right side