Circumvent PCV G2 : 250ds



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Circumvent PCV G2 from Merck Animal Health is for an aid in the prevention of viremia, aid in the reduction of virus shedding and an aid in the reduction of lymphoid infection caused by porcine circovirus Type 2. Convenient dosing options (one x 2 mL or two x 1 mL) for 1-dose and 2-dose programs (see complete label instructions). The only PCV2 vaccine approved for use in pigs as early as 3 days of age (2-dose option). Five-month PCV2 DOI.
Option 1 - single 2 ml dose IM for pigs 3 weeks of age or older.
Option 2 - 1 ml IM for pigs as early as 3 days of age, repeat in 3 weeks.
21 day slaughter withdrawal.

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