Calvilyte: 5lb



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CalviLyte is an electrolyte formula that contains direct-fed microbials, maltodextrin and dried egg product. CalviLyte may help further to promote digestive health and during environmental changes due to extreme heat. This feed supplement is for beef and dairy calves and promotes better overall health and maintains the calf’s immune system.  Direct-fed microbials provide animal with live, beneficial bacteria to maintain balance in GI tract and to ensure its proper function: produce oganic acids (lactic and acetic) which lower PH in GI tract.  Maltodextrin, complex carbohydrate, is an easily digested source of energy which encourages nutritional balance  without osmotic penalty.  Electrolytes assist animal with replenishing fluid loss and restoring acid/base balance in tissues and blood.  Glycine is an amino acid for fast or rapid nutrient absorption.  Spray dried egg product provides antibodies that maintain immune system. Contains min 9 billion CFU/lb total bacteria, min 1.77% crude protein, min 0.1% crude fat, max 0.2% crude fiber, min 0.22%/max 0.24% salt, min 0.5%/max 0.54% sodium and min 0.09% potassium. Mix one scoop (2.5 oz) per 2 quarts warm water (approx. 100°F). Feed 2 to 4 days. 5 lbs = 32 servings

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