Calf Warmer Heater Only

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The MediHeat electric heater is used in calf warmers. It has three settings available to initiate and speed up the recovery of a sick animal and have it return to its mother. High heat pushes hot air into the lungs and speeds up the drying process for dire cases. Low heat provides warm airflow for animals regaining their livelihood. Heater Only

Features & Benefits
• Certified heater with rugged steel body
• 3 Settings: Fan only, Low Heat, High Heat
• Easy to clean air filters help keep debris out, like straw
• Replaceable air filters
• Provides up to 1,500 W / 5,100 BTU/HR
• Grounded Plug for additional safety

Product Dimensions
9.5”(l) x 11"(w) x 4.5"(h)