Jorgy Feline Asthma Breath Easy J0843



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A great aid in treating feline asthma has been improved! The "Feline Breathe Easy" has been a very popular product in treating feline asthma. The pocket space holds a metered dose inhaler (MDI) to deliver medication. The new pocket space is called the Vortex and has three advantages over other plastic pocket spacers: 1) Anodized Aluminum chamber versus plastic.

The anodized aluminum is non-electrostatic and delivers more medication from the MDI to the patient. 2) "Duckbill" shaped valve designed for minimal aspiratory effort, ensures a low loss of medication. 3) Vortex Cyclonic aspiratory flow pattern enhances aerosol delivery. Complete kit includes: two sizes of masks. Directions include suggested treatment regimes. Cylinder: 4.375"H x 1.75" diameter at 1.3oz. J0843D1 Pocket spacer may be ordered separately as well.