Bovilis Nasalgen 3 : 25 x 1ds



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Bovilis Nasalgen 3 from Merck Animal Health is an intranasal modified live virus for the vaccination of healthy cattle 1 week of age or older as an aid in the prevention of disease caused by IBR, BRSV and PI3. It offers young calves an unrivaled BRD defense. With 6.5 months of IBR protection plus BRSV and PI3. Available as 25 x 1ds, 10ds, or 50ds. 

Nasalgen 3 is the insurance you need to give your young calves the strong foundation they deserve. And with a unique blue shadow, there’s no second guessing which animals have been vaccinated.


  • Designed with an IBR that is not temperature-sensitive, ensuring the vaccine will replicate and protect in any situation.1
  • Unique blue shadow for confident administration.

  • Proven safe in pregnant cows and in calves nursing pregnant cows.

Dosage Administration:

Requires mixing.
Give a single 2 ml dose intranasally in one nostril.
Unique blue shadow dye clearly indicates which animals have been vaccinated. 

Duration of Immunity:

Six and a half months against IBR
Three months against PI3
11 weeks against BRSV

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