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 Developed from Crypto, Designed for Calves

BoviCare™ is a natural product that contains Cryptosporidium parvumegg derived proteins that are designed to meet enteric health needs and promote increased feed efficiency and weight gains.

Enteric health is critical to the well being of the neonatal calf. Poor enteric health means that nutrient intake is restricted and this can have a major influence on weight gain and feed efficiency.

During this time it is critical to treat the calf with Bovicare because proper nutrition is not always enough.


Feed 2ml of BoviCare™ morning and night for 7 days beginning at day 1 of life.  BoviCare™ is designed to add to the calf’s milk ration.  One calf dose is equal to 14 feedings (28ml). BoviCare™ is distributed in 200ml bottles.


  • Digested Cryptosporidium parvum Egg Protein


Store at 2-7° C (approx 35-45° F) Shake before use. Any unused portion should be refrigerated and discarded if not used within seven days.


What is BoviCare™?

BoviCare™ is a natural feed additive containing digested Cryptosporidium parvum egg protein.

What does it do?

BoviCare™ is designed to meet enteric health needs and promote increased feed efficiency and weight gain.

How do I use it?

BoviCare™ is a 7-day treatment, fed twice daily.  2-ml of BoviCare™ should be added to milk replacer and fed during the am and pm feedings.  BoviCare™ can be added to waste milk or milk replacer, can be mixed in bulk with proper agitation, and can be added at any temperature up to 100°F.  Do not exceed 100°F. BoviCare™ should not be added to whole milk prior to a pasteurization process.

Can I use leftover, blended milk + BoviCare™ from the morning feeding in the evening feeding?


Can I feed BoviCare™ to an older, healthy calf?

Yes, BoviCare™ was designed to meet the enteric needs of a healthy calf.

When should I see results?

Within the first month after feeding, you should see an increase of weight gain in calves, as well as an increase in enteric health as demonstrated by visibly healthier calves.

What if I miss a feeding?

No problem, pick up where you left off and finish the dose of product (14 administrations).

How safe is BoviCare™? Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects.  BoviCare™ is a natural product, and safety was demonstrated in newborn, colostrum deprived calves.