Milk Bar Vitality Calf Bottle System 3qt Bottle : 5ct

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The Milk Bar Vitality Calf Bottle System uses a unique chute design that ensures the Milk Bar Teat is positioned vertically so the calf suckles are the correct speed for healthy digestion.  It is incredibly easy to install, and cuts time spent raising calves. Ships as a 5ct bottle system. System comes with a 3qt bottle. 2qt bottle is available separately. System sold as a 5 pak only.

Available complete with bottle, or without a bottle.
Bottles also available separately. 
Screw Top (teat not included) and Grey Clip/Disc replacements also available.

For optimum health, calves should start drinking from a new Milk Bar Teat and stay with that teat, or a similarly aged teat, until weaning. As teats age they soften, increasing milk flow.

Calves that drink one quart of milk in under two minutes have decreased
lactose absorption compared to those who meet the two-minute mark. The decreased
lactose absorption negatively impacts daily weight gain and increases the
risk of nutritional diarrhea as lactose passes through the intestines too quickly.
Calves that nurse too quickly also cross-suckle, causing navel and teat damage to
pen mates. It is important that calves suckle hard from birth to weaning to ensure
they drink at the slow speed required for full milk curding and
lactose absorption.

Fitting the Vitality Bottle Cap:

1. For each new calf, fi t a new Milk Bar Teat to the Teat Clip.
2. Snap the Teat Clip into the Vitality Bottle Cap.
3. Screw the Vitality Bottle Cap to bottle.
4. Drop the bottle into the chute, self-aligning as it drops
in place. If the bottle is sitting back in the chute, the calf
will pull it forward while nursing, locking it into place.

Cleaning the Vitality Bottle:

1. Unscrew the cap from bottle.
2. Put the complete cap unit in warm water and alkali
detergent. There is no need to take cap parts apart!
3. Wash bottle as you normally would.
4. Discard the teats when calves are weaned.